Carrot Sun Tan Accelerator Cream


Carrot Sun Australia® Carrot Tanning Cream is the first and original tanning cream developed by Carrot Sun®. It contains the natural tan accelerators L-Tyrosine and carrot oil. This stimulates and supports the skin’s natural tanning process by giving it what it needs when exposed to sunlight or a sunbed. This cream also contains henna, which enhances colour and prolongs your tan. It can be used tanning in the natural sun or tanning beds.

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Our unique tanning formula contains natural tan accelerating agents L-Tyrosine and Carrot oil which allows you to develop a deeply a dark and long-lasting tan FAST! Applied over an SPF, our tan accelerators stimulate and promote your skin’s natural melanin production when exposed to the sun to give you a faster and deeper tan than ever before.

L-Tyrosine which is an active ingredient that stimulates your skin to produce more melanin whilst you’re in the sun or on a sunbed. It is the main active ingredient which makes you tan faster, and it is a major building block of melanin.

Carrot Oil
Carrot oil, is a naturally active tan accelerator and also stimulates your skin to tan better and faster in the sun/ on a sunbed.

Carrot Sun Tan Accelerator Cream doesn’t contain any fake tan. These creams do have a type of bronzer called Henna, but it’s not at all a fake tan/self-tanner and will not get you streaky and no matter how you apply it, you should get an even tan.

Basically, the henna will enhance your tan and make it last longer. The henna prolongs the life of your tan so that it fades more slowly and more evenly after you stop going in the sun/ on sunbeds. So you will find that your tan will last for weeks longer than you are used to! The Henna doesn’t work unless you go in the sun or on a sunbed and won’t tan you without the sun or a sunbed.

Directions for use:
Apply to body and face. It is recommended that Carrot Sun is applied over an SPF30+ sunscreen prior to sun exposure. Carrot Sun is waterproof and can be reapplied as often as required.